We all know it — Zoom fatigue is real, and the platform doesn’t make it any easier! While Zoom’s popularity has increased due to the pandemic, that isn’t necessarily due to zoom being a superior platform, but more or less due to the necessity of a synchronous method of communication in an ever-so-distant world.

What is VoicePing?

VoicePing is an all-in-one application, that provides you with voice/video calls, a workspace, and time tracking in one package — all of these are outright necessities in most 100% remote organizations!

What is Zoom?

Zoom’s a video call platform, that has been around…

In an ever-increasing remote world, time tracking is playing a bigger role now more than ever! According to a report conducted in 2018, 50% of the large corps were using email monitoring and location analytics.

Whether it’s for billing your employees on an hourly basis or just keeping a tab of your workforce’s productivity, time tracking software goes a long way in helping remote firms.

The use cases for time tracking are pretty much endless, but here are a few industries that can make the most use of it —

1. Regulatory. Businesses that contract with the U.S. government must…


VoicePing Allows Global Team Collaboration

Collaborating on team projects has never been easier, thanks to VoicePing. This innovative product takes traditional project management methods to a new level by improving workflow exponentially. These changes create a more efficient and productive work environment. VoicePing has not only addressed concerns on a national/local level but on a global scale.

Wait Times for Responses are Eliminated

VoicePing simulates the office experience virtually by enabling users to communicate in real-time conversations. Questions, concerns, and clarifications can be addressed immediately allowing for greater productivity. Teams can get more done in less time because they are…


VoivePing is The best speech-to-text software makes it simple and easy to convert live speech into text, video conferencing, auto-translate in meeting, employee monitoring, virtual office, powerful collaboration, and available for both desktop and mobile devices. You can also download our desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

VoicePing made the best voice-to-text applications increasingly valuable to users in a range of different environments, from education to business.

Our virtual office for remote teams allows you to see what your teammates are working on, join instantaneous audio conversations, translate and transcribe voice conversations in real-time.

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Alongside from the other video conferencing software, voice-ping provides you something new and unique. Voice-Ping comes with a lot of innovative and unique feature which allow you to take your business to the next level. Its multilingual translation feature will eradicate the language barrier among your business partners. Speech-to-Text: Automatic Speech Recognition, Real-Time Voice-to-Chat Translation, Real-Time Transcription, and Captioning will provide you the most convenient feeling for video conferencing.

VoicePing will keep your company running smoothly and efficiently on one platform. It eliminates language barriers and provides an all-in-one interface for effective communication on a global scale.

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Alongside from the other video conferencing software, voice-ping provides you something new and unique. Speech-to-Text: Automatic Speech Recognition, Real-Time Voice-to-Chat Translation, Real-Time Transcription and Captioning and many more features will allow you to make your conversation more effective and efficient. Switch to Voice-Ping and enjoy the most convenient way to teleconferencing. Get started for FREE.

VoicePing is your virtual workspace for remote teams.

Learn more about VoicePing, and get started for free today! You can also download our desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Video call support with VoicePing

VoicePing excels at a quick collaboration experience, just like a tap on the shoulder. We are so proud to launch the new experience of video call and screen sharing feature.

Active speaker

We all remember running across this problem, where we are done with a meeting but a few stakeholders were not present in them!

The traditional method in these cases has always been taking Minutes of meeting (MoM) which roughly encapsulate what happened in the meeting — but here’s the deal, this rough encapsulation doesn’t include the nitty-gritty of the meeting plus you now need one resource to capture these MoM in the first place!

How does Voiceping solve this problem?

We already provide state-of-the-art speech to text + translations of all your meetings by default (even for the free tier!), …

Remote teams bring one thing which most traditional firms might not have accounted for — diversity!
Diversity brings people speaking various languages together to achieve a goal, and here at P2P株式会社 we celebrate this diversity and provide companies with a solution to reduce miscommunication and ease in transition to remote working.

The current scenario

Avoid hiring employees outside of the current linguistic circle

Most companies approach remote workspace diversity with a cautionary approach mainly due to the fact that language does indeed play a huge role in effective communication and it’s communication which at the end of the day makes/breaks projects!

Have employees…


Hyper Productive Workspace for Remote Teams. https://voice-ping.com/en/

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